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Packages that use Coordinates

Uses of Coordinates in org.vigia.client.driver

Methods in org.vigia.client.driver with parameters of type Coordinates
 void IRListener.onIREvent(Coordinates c, int xVRes, int xYRes)
          Actions to do when the Wiimote detects a change in the position of the infrared leds.

Uses of Coordinates in org.vigia.client.driver.util

Fields in org.vigia.client.driver.util declared as Coordinates
protected  Coordinates MovementProcessor.c
          The coordinates of the user.

Methods in org.vigia.client.driver.util with parameters of type Coordinates
 PTZ MovementProcessor.calculatePTZ(Coordinates c, int xVRes, int yVRes)
          Calculates the ptz movement.

Uses of Coordinates in org.vigia.client.gui.controller

Methods in org.vigia.client.gui.controller with parameters of type Coordinates
 void ClientController.onIREvent(Coordinates c, int xVRes, int yVRes)

Uses of Coordinates in org.vigia.test

Methods in org.vigia.test with parameters of type Coordinates
 void ViewTest.onIREvent(Coordinates c, int xVRes, int yVRes)
 void MovementPrinter.onIREvent(Coordinates c, int xVRes, int yVRes)
 void CoordinatesPrinter.onIREvent(Coordinates c, int xVRes, int yVRes)