Uses of Interface

Packages that use IRListener

Uses of IRListener in org.vigia.client.driver

Fields in org.vigia.client.driver with type parameters of type IRListener
private  java.util.List<IRListener> WiiUseJDriver.listeners
          A list containing all the infrared listeners for the Wiimote.

Methods in org.vigia.client.driver with parameters of type IRListener
 void WiiUseJDriver.addIRListener(IRListener l)
 void Driver.addIRListener(IRListener l)
          Adds an infrared listener for the infrared events.

Uses of IRListener in org.vigia.client.gui.controller

Subinterfaces of IRListener in org.vigia.client.gui.controller
 interface Controller
          The graphic user interface's controller.

Classes in org.vigia.client.gui.controller that implement IRListener
 class ClientController
          An implementation of the graphic user interface's controller.

Uses of IRListener in org.vigia.test

Classes in org.vigia.test that implement IRListener
 class CoordinatesPrinter
          Printer of the Wiimote coordinates.
 class MovementPrinter
          Printer of the remote camera's calculated movement.
 class ViewTest
          Testing GUI Panel Class