The Crazyflie ARGoS Plug-in

Crazyflie drone

We present a new plug-in for the ARGoS swarm robotic simulator to implement the Crazyflie drone, including its controllers, sensors, and some expansion decks. We have based our development on the former Spiri drone, upgrading the position controller, adding a new speed controller, LED ring, onboard camera, and battery discharge model. We have compared this new plug-in in terms of accuracy and efficiency with data obtained from real Crazyflie drones. All our experiments showed that the proposed plug-in worked well, presenting high levels of accuracy. We believe that this is an important contribution to robot simulations which will extend ARGoS capabilities through the use of our proposed, open-source plug-in.

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Drone Model

Crazyflie simulation model: Drone's LED
Crazyflie simulation model: Drone's LED

This work is supported by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) - ADARS Project, ref. C20/IS/14762457. The experiments presented in this paper were carried out using the SwarmLab facility of the FSTM/DCS.

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